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About Us - Samy Meroueh Lab


 Research in the Meroueh laboratory is focused on the development of small molecules to modulate protein-protein interactions that promote cancer invasion and metastasis. We also have a project developing small molecules to stimulate repair in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. We are interested in small molecules that block cancer cell invasion, migration and colonization in cancer metastasis, or small molecules that promote axonal regeneration for treatment of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. The latter compounds may be useful for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. The discovery of lead compounds is accomplished through structure-based computational screening of commercial or in-house combinatorial libraries. We use biochemical and biophysical techniques to identify hit compounds and validate their activity. The activity and the physico-chemical properties of compounds are optimized through a cycle of structure-based design, chemical synthesis, and in vitro biochemical or biological studies. We are particularly interested in the protein-protein interaction networks of the urokinase receptor, Ras and Rho GTPases, and the TEAD family of transcription factors. The ability of small molecules to prevent cancer cell invasion, migration, or to promote axonal regeneration is assessed in cell culture. We also explore the mechanism of action of compounds through genomic and proteomic studies. Animal studies are carried out through collaborations or using Core facilities at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

While you are here, please feel free to browse our website. If you need further information, please contact Dr. Meroueh.

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