Li Shen Lab
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About Us - Li Shen Lab

Welcome to the Laboratory of Li Shen at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Our lab is focused on research and training in medical image computing and bioinformatics. We study computational and informatics methods for analyzing structural, functional, diffusion MRI data and relating them to genomic, clinical, neuropsychiatric and other biomarker data, with applications to various brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and others. A major current emphasis is on developing methods for bridging neuroimaging and genomics (e.g., identifying genetic risk factors using imaging as phenotypes) with particular application to MCI and early AD. Keywords describing our research areas include medical image computing, shape modeling and surface morphometry, imaging genomics and bioinformatics, and machine learning and pattern classification.


Imaging Genomics Lab